You have chosen Blue+Fixed Prepay June 2018
Bristol Energy Standard Prepayment
- Variable rate- No exit fee
Personal rate
You will save
Electricity Current tariff New tariff Savings
Standing charge 15.82p / day 21.93p / day - £ 37.76
Unit Rate 17.30p / kW/h 11.22p / kW/h
Projected consumption on 6,600 kWh 312.89p / day 202.96p / day + £ 299.82
Discount and additional charges N/A N/A
Total Consumption £1199.82 £794.63 + £ 259.82
Gas Current tariff New tariff Savings
Standing charge 15.82p / day 20.42p / day - £ 37.76
Unit Rate 4.36p / kW/h 2.80p / kW/h
Projected consumption on 4,600 kWh 49.99p / day 32.17p / day + £ 299.82
Discount and additional charges N/A Dual Fuel Discount

Total Consumption £ 240.20 £ 165.70 + £ 75.82
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Your home
- How long have you lived at this address?
Your address is49, ELM WALK, LONDON, SW20 9EE
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We need your permission to tell you about products, tariffs and services that could benefit you or save you money - such as our great value fixed price energy deals. We won't sell your details, we'll only get in touch occasionally using the contact details you’ve given us, and you can easily opt out at any time.
- Priority services Register (PSR)
Would you like to apply for Priority services Register (PSR) ? you can get extra help and support with your energy supply. You can sign up if you’re: a pensioner, disabled or chronically sick, have a hearing or visual impairment
- Do you have a smart meter for your electricity supply?
- Do you have a smart meter for your gas supply?
- Outstanding Balance

If you have an outstanding balance your current supplier may object to your request to switch. However, if your outstanding balance is £500 or less per fuel, you may still be able to switch by agreeing to move the outstanding balance to your chosen supplier. For this option to progress your current supplier will need to share details of your outstanding balance with your chosen supplier. Your weekly repayment rate will remain unchanged, should the switch be successful.

I have read and understood the statement above and agree to outstanding balances of £500 or less being assigned to my chosen supplier if required to progress my switch.

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03069 990947
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- Additional information from EDF Energy
EDF Energy will provide all communications where possible to you electronically. If you'd prefer paper communications you are able to change your preferences later, with EDF Energy. If you have chosen to pay by Direct Debit, confirmation of your Direct Debit instruction will be sent to you by EDF Energy within 3 working days.
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